I was a senior executive helping to manage a ďtop-fiveĒ national homebuilding company for 18 years before my wife and I decided to build our dream home in the Tampa Bay area in 2007.  But being relatively new to the region, we did not have a local connection with a custom contractor to build the house to our exacting specifications.  Needless to say, we were quite particular and knew what we were looking for when we started evaluating builders.

During the interview process, it became very apparent that Tom and Marilyn Cosper, along with their management team, were leagues ahead of the other custom home builders that we considered.  They had great references and working closely with them made our own building experience a pleasure.

Cosper Constructionís field supervision, sub-contractors and vendors were excellent. We also like their system in which we paid the bills by writing our own checks based on the sub-contractor/vendorís invoices, as verified against the budget by Cosper Construction Management.  This process worked well primarily because they understand the attention to detail needed for all the ďparts and piecesĒ involved in building a custom home, while making it easy for the customer to understand the building process.

Our beautiful new home was built within the time frame that we discussed at the initial contract stage, and according to our budget. 

We recommend Cosper Construction Management Inc. to our family and friends without reservation.

 Jay & Kate Smith


My wife and I are happy customers of Cosper Construction Company and Tom and Marilyn Cosper. Cosper Construction Company built our home on Tierra Verde, Florida and also assisted us in making critical design changes which proved to be extremely logical and cost saving. It is my please to recommend Cosper Construction Company as a builder of fine, custom homes which is very typical of our house. Our experience with Tom and Marilyn while building was very pleasant and many times, they went beyond what I considered to be normal. I especially liked the construction management concept they utilized which allowed me to retain financial control of the building funds. I would like to add that the Cospers are not my clients but we consider them to be very reliable and trustworthy friends.

As a rule, I generally refrain from giving letters of recommendation for anyone. But in this case, I decided to write this letter because Tom and Marilyn deserve it. They worked hard and have gained our trust because it was a job well done. When my wife and I were interviewed by the St. Pete Times in an article featuring our home, I commented regarding Cosperís construction management concept that "it was so much fun, Iím going to do it again in five years". When I said that, I didnít realize how much I loved my house. I may extend that a few more years and then call Tom and Marilyn to build our next house.

Sincerely yours,

Ernest L. Mascara


Dear Tom,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy Bill and I are with the home you built for us. Itís hard to believe that itís been about 2 years since we moved in.

Bill and I have built many homes before and I must say that this is the best built house that we have ever owned. Iíve told you several times before how much we love our home but more important is after this amount of time and being on the water, everything is still working well.

Should we build another home, you will be the first one we call.

Thank you! 


Jacki D. Simon


In 1994 we built a 5,400 square foot home with Cosper Construction. It was finished on time and with the exception of additional upgrades, on budget.  I was at the job site almost every day observing construction, so I know it to be the most structurally sound house I have ever seen. It is solid from the ground up and the best part, after moving in, we did not have a single warranty problem! I also liked reviewing the invoices and writing checks to pay bills because of the financial security their system provided. Terri and I are talking about building again and if we do, it will be with Cosper Construction.


Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hodge

Lakes of Keystone, Odessa


Dear Mr. Cosper,

I am pleased to provide this Letter Of Recommendation regarding the fine experience we have enjoyed with you as a builder for our customersí homes. Our relationship over the past four years has been excellent. All of our mutual customers have been very pleased with your construction management approach to the home building process from conceptual design, through working drawings, to subcontractor negotiations, actual construction, controlled disbursements. lien waivers and punch list follow through.

There have also been times when you have assisted some of our customers when their initial builder was not able to follow through and complete the construction. I also recall a situation where a branch had closed a new C/P loan, but the parcel had not been properly platted. You had helped the customers work on through those issues which enabled them to have a build able site.

If can be of any assistance, please give me a call. I am also available to speak with anyone as a reference for your firm.

I look forward to working with you and expanding our relationship.


Richard A. Baumer, Jr.

Vice President

AmSouth Bank


Dear Tom:

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that we are very pleased with the garage. I guess it was a coincidence that you were already building, in the area when we moved in the sub-division, but we feel fortunate that your company was available to do the job for us.

As I mentioned, we are very pleased. I was impressed that you gave this job your personal attention and were proactive in keeping, things on track. I appreciate that before and during the construction, you offered your insight and ideas that helped us in making some changes, that, not being from this area, I would not have thought about. Seeing you there checking on it personally, even on weekends, was comforting during the construction.

Although I was initially surprised at the cost estimate, you were correct in wanting to be on the high side, not the low side. If my recap is correct, it came in slightly under budget even with the changes we made during the construction.

Again, I just wanted to say thanks. If I can be a reference for you in the future, please let me know.


Bob Paven